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Tournament Results & Historical Stats

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MTCUSBC Results by Tournament

In League State Seniors Results

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USO Singles Tournament Results

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BVL Singles Tournament (Previously The Past Directors) Results

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Masters Tournament Results

        2020 Masters Champion - David Juzba Jr.

        2019 Masters Champion - Jeremy Hartbarger

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Congratulations to David Juzba Jr who won his 1st Masters title on 10/25/2020 at AMF Chicopee, on the Big Ben pattern. Dave bowled 1127 in the 5 games of qualifying to put him in 3rd place to start the double elimination bracket. In the 2 game matches of the bracket, Dave bowled 455, 483, 516 and 490 going undefeated in match play. Dave averaged 236 for all 13 games; qualifying and match play. High qualifier was Rob Green Jr., who started the day with a 152 then came back with a 300 and finished qualifying with 1169. We had one other 300 game from Tommy Kumlin.

Chris Leonard was a first-time finalist finishing in 2nd place. 1st-Dave Juzba Jr, 2nd-Chris Leonard, 3rd-Tommy Kumlin, 4th-Mike Colby, 5th-Chris Viale, 6th-Dave Thomas, 7th-Mike Rock Jr, 8th-Rob Greene Jr

The tournament had 7 first time Masters entrants. Thanks to AMF Chicopee and Diane Raymond for all their help to make the tournament a success. - John Raymond


MTCUSBC City Tournament Results 

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MTCUSBC 500/600 Club Results

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MA State 2018 (MTCUSBC Hosted) Tournament Results

MSTPBA Standings thru 5/6/2018

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State Seniors Tournament Standings

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MTCUSBC Youth Scholarship Results

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The 2020 youth scholarship roll-off was held Sunday, 11/8/2020 @ AMF Chicopee Lanes. It consisted of the youth leagues running an in-league qualifying and an in person roll-off finals for the top 4 boys and the top 4 girls from Shaker & AMF Chicopee lanes met to roll-off and compete for the top prizes.

Lanes were spaced out to accomodate distancing and all bowlers wore masks as requried by State Law. A 1-game heads up matches was held and the advancers played a second game and the runners-up played a second game to determine the final standings for the tournament. The results from both rounds were:

Congratulations to the Youth Winners (shown below) & thanks to all supporting Youth Bowling!!


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MTCUSBC Youth King of the Hill & Miss Ten Pin Tournaments

3/1/2020 - Sparetime Northampton - Past Champions of the King of the Hill & Miss Ten Pin Tournament. Congrats to all and special honorable note to our one 3-time Miss Ten Pin champion Ryann Greene. 

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Adult Youth Scotch Doubles

Click for 2021 Adult-Youth Scotch Doubles Results

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MTCUSBC Youth City Tournament Results

2/9/2021 - Check out below to see some of the great scores shot for the tournament! The bowlers listed in the table below, bowled at least 50 pins over average during the tournament. Congrats!

High Game for the Tournament:     BROOKE CHEVILLET   278

High Series for the Tournament:     ALEX THIBODEAU        681


Brooke Chevillet 278 game 98
Garrett Gauthier 269 game 95
Domink Lachut 226 game 90
Ethan Mutti 211 game 80
Austin Mutti 256 game 79
Tanner Martel 223 game 78
Cynthia Freeman 191 game 78
Alex Thibodeau 262 game 76
Andrew Caron 200 game 71
Patrick Lachut 191 game 69
Max Desroches 212 game 67
Isaiah Lewis 201 game 65
Kenneth Ruby III 132 game 60
Daniel Bouchard 210 game 60
Jocalyn Imbody 200 game 59
Ashley Gauthier 199 game 58
Griffin Quinn 206 game 57
Evan Mutti 127 game 56
Arianna Mutti 177 game 56
Tyler Healy 210 game 56
Tyler Topolski 140 game 54
Danielle Mathis 125 game 52
Antonio Mutti 204 game 51

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Western Mass Youth Tournament

MTCUSBC had to cancel this year's Western Mass Youth tournament at AMF Chicopee Lanes. 

Berkshire County won the 2019 Western Mass Tournament.