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MTCUSBC Results by Tournament

In League State Seniors Results

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USO Singles Tournament Results

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BVL Singles Tournament (Previously The Past Directors) Results

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Masters Tournament Results

        2019 Masters Champion - Jeremy Hartbarger

        2018 Masters Champion - Dennis Bissonnette Jr.

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Jeremy Hartbarger receiving his Eagle presented by John Raymond

Jeremy Hartbarger won his Second Masters title on 10/27/2019 at AMF Chicopee, on the USBC White pattern.

In a field of 20 entrants, 19 men and 1 woman, 8 bowlers made the cut after 5 games, Jeremy finished second in the first round, with an 1156, averaging 231.2. The round one leader, first time entrant Tommy Kumlin bowled a 5 game series of 1171, averaging 234.2. The cut was 1036.

In the Round Robin playoffs, the 8 remaining bowlers bowled each other, and had a final position match. Bowlers got 30 match points per win added to their points in this round. Jeremy won 5 1/2 of 8 matches, taking the lead in game 5 and holding it, finishing with 1870 points in round 2 for the win.

The final standings were 1st-Jeremy Hartbarger, 2nd-Chad LePage, 3rd-Tommy Kumlin, 4th-Bryan Thomas, 5th-Dennis Bissonette Jr., 6th-Rob Earnshaw, 7th-Roger Fournier, 8th-Aaron Roberts. Tommy Kumlin was the first round leader and qualified in his first Masters tournament. Chad and Aaron made the cut for the first time.


MTCUSBC City Tournament Results 

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MTCUSBC 500/600 Club Results

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MA State 2018 (MTCUSBC Hosted) Tournament Results

MSTPBA Standings thru 5/6/2018

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State Seniors Tournament Standings

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MTCUSBC Youth Scholarship Results

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MTCUSBC Youth King of the Hill & Miss Ten Pin Tournaments

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Adult Youth Scotch Doubles

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MTCUSBC Youth City Tournament Results

2/17/2019 - There has been some great scores shot for the tournament! The bowlers listed in the table below, received tournament awards for bowling over their average during the tournament. Congrats!

High Game for the Tournament:     DAMON SLOCUMB II    297

High Series for the Tournament:     DAMON SLOCUMB II    676


2/10/2019 SCORES
Alex Thibodeau 134 game Team Event
Allyssa Renaud 186 game Team Event
Amara Audette 170 game Singles Event
Arianna Mutti 125 game Team Event
Donald Barrows 185 game Team Event
Griffin Quinn 200 game Doubles Event
Jayziah Lopez 77 game Team Event
John Simmons 150 game Singles Event
Richard Paige 138 game Singles Event
Sarah Ledoux 185 game Team Event
Tanner Martell 219 game Doubles Event
Tanya Hatch 108 game Team Event
Tyler Healy 167 game Team Event
Zavier Rivera 164 game Doubles Event
2/17/2019 SCORES
Ashley Gauthier 195 game Doubles Event
Brooke Chevillet 235 game Team Event
Damien Norman 101 game Doubles Event
Damon Slocumb II 297 game Doubles Event
Dominik Lachut 131 game Doubles Event
Jake Earnshaw 289 game Doubles Event
Jeremy Walsh 127 game Doubles Event
Katelynne Kryzwyck 211 game Singles Event
Kevin Kelleher 155 game Doubles Event
Leo Rock 78 game Team Event
Max Desroches 146 game Team Event
Ryan Godfrey 123 game Doubles Event
Ryann Greene 219 game Doubles Event

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Western Mass Youth Tournament

MTCUSBC will be hosting this year's Western Mass Youth tournament at AMF Chicopee Lanes. It will be held in March. The top bowlers from both Berkshire County and Massachusetts Tri-County meet to determine the 2020 Champion.

Berkshire County won the 2019 Western Mass Tournament.