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Massachusetts Tri-County USBC
27 Hampden Lane
, Massachusetts 01001

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We are looking for sponsors for our annual City Tournament.

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           2023 Open & Women's City Tournament          

Official Results & Payoffs

Click here for  2023 Open City Current Standings      

Click here for  2023 Open City Official Final Payoff

Click here for  2023 Womens City Current Standings

Click here for  2023 Womens Official Final Payoff  

Tournament results are now official, payoff will be made after the MTCUSBC Annual meeting at Bowlero Chicopee Lanes at about 11:00AM. 

NOTICE: Please cash your tournament checks promptly. You need to cash any tournament checks  within 60 days (by July 21, 2023) as the tournament account the checks are drawn on will be closed down at the end of July 2023.  




500 Club

1st place handicap - Joliene Vips 791 - $18.00 

1st place scratch - Karen Morin 501 - $18.00

600 Club

1st place handicap - Vivian LuDoul 814 - $15.00

1st place scratch - Tammy Schmidt 582 - $15.00




BVL Singles Tournament

held at Sparetime Northampton on 1/28 & 1/29

Special thanks to Dean Larose for a generious $500 donation!!

Total Raised for the BVL$1,567.00 !!

Click here for Final Results



.2023 MTCUSBC Youth City Tournament Results

Click here for the 2023 Youth City Final Standings



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